Lunasin Duke ALS Study Information

Lunasin is a peptide found naturally in soy and is a unique 43-amino soybean peptide. It is now one of the most heavily researched and scientifically supported nutritional compounds available today.

The lunasin Duke ALS study is ongoing, but not recruiting participants with the estimated completion date of September 2017. It is largely virtual, single-center, open-label pilot trial for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) utilizing a historical control group. Participants will receive a Lunasin regimen (details under the heading Arms in the above link) with 3 Reliv products – LunaRich X, Reliv Now, and ProVantage.

There is another recent study that might explain why some with ALS are seeing results with the Reliv products containing the lunasin peptide.  “Using identical twins afflicted with familial ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), researchers from UCLA discovered that epigenetic changes to the expression of immune genes (the neurotoxic cytokines, IL-6 and TNFalpha), may activate ALS*. The presence of high amounts of these neurotoxic cytokines in the afflicted twin but not in the normal twin suggests that environmental factors may have caused the epigenetic increase in expression of these immune genes, leading to disease activation and progression.”

“This new finding provides a potential mode of action for the effect of the lunasin peptide on ALS patients, as part of the on-going Duke clinical trial. In a 2009 publication**, lunasin has been found to reduce the gene expression of the pro-inflammatory and neurotoxic cytokines, IL-1, IL-6 and TNFalpha in macrophage cells.” Dr. Alfredo Galvez
* Epigenetic changes in T-cell and monocyte signatures and production of neurotoxic cytokines in ALS patients (PDF)

** Lunasin and lunasin-like peptides inhibit inflammation through suppression of NF-kappaB pathway in the macrophage (PDF)

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The Lunasin Duke ALS protocol calls for patients to taper up to the target regimen as follows:
Day 1: 3 capsules of LunaRich X, ¼ scoop of Reliv Now and ¼ scoop of ProVantage (do this twice a day for 1 day).
Day 2: 4 capsules of LunaRich X, 1/2 scoop of Reliv Now and 1/2 scoop of ProVantage (do this twice a day for 2 days).
Day 4: 6 capsules of LunaRich X, 1 scoop of Reliv Now and 1 scoop of ProVantage (do this twice a day for 2 days).
Day 6: 6 capsules of LunaRich X, 1 1/2 scoops of Reliv Now and 1 scoop of ProVantage (do this twice a day for study duration).
It will be suggested that patients open the LunaRich X capsules and mix the contents of these as well as the other 2 ingredients in water to make a shake if they have a problem swallowing capsules. At the full dosage, it will require 3 cans of Reliv Now, 3 bottles of LunaRich X (120 ct), and 4 cans of ProVantage monthly.