Fit3 Results – Transforming Lives!

All across the country, people are sharing their amazing Fit3 transformations with us. Whether it’s dropping over 100 pounds like our friend Dan or being able to finally do a pushup with perfect form, people everywhere are finding results with Fit3. Check out just some of the life-changing Fit3 results here, and for even more inspirational stories and on how to get started, contact us.

What can Fit3 do for you?

Fit3 results are changing lives

Dan McNeill

“I cannot describe how much my life has changed since joining Fit3 over a year ago. Right now my DNA is plugged into the “Staying Fit” portion of this program… and I love it. And how about them protein smoothies? YUM!”

Fit3 Tami Martineau Weight Loss Results

Tami Martineau

“I’m so excited about this Fit3 community where we can ALL help and encourage each other. Here are the results from my first 90 days. And thanks to the encouragement of Amanda ‘Schaben’ Schwarz, I’ve just set my goals for the next 90 days. I will be working on the last 5 pounds in my midsection, building muscles and increasing my pushups every day. For those of you just getting started here are a few tips: Just remember that everyone is beautiful! There are so many beautiful body types out there… know yours! Love yourself. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else (it’s just not fair or productive). Pick an area you want to work on and just begin. And in the famous words of our fearless leader, Tina Van Horn “Start where you are and do what you can!” Who’s with me? What are your goals for the next 90 days?”

Beverly Bentley Fit3 Results

Beverly Bentley

“I am one of those people who has tried EVERYTHING! I began a course where I tried and did every kind of diet and cleanse that came along. You name it and I tried it. I was always successful and lost weight, but my mindset was completely wrong. I felt deprived and like I was being tortured. I also felt sorry for myself and would tell myself that as soon as I finished the cleanse or lost the weight that I could eat like a normal person again. Then the weight would come back on and usually with a little extra. Take all of that and add age to it and my weight just kept creeping up. With Fit3 I never once felt deprived or tortured. In fact, many times I am eating more than I normally would and I am just not hungry. Nothing is off limits… I just needed to plan ahead. I have learned the importance of planning and reading labels and making better choices. It’s not about starving myself… it’s about feeding myself healthy food that tastes delicious. As of today, I have lost 16 pounds and 11.5 inches. I have a lot more to go, but I’m not worried because I know I will get to where I need to be and I will do it in a healthy way. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!”

Fit3 Results
Fit3 results - a transformation

Marj Funk

“Because of Fit3 I am 32 lbs lighter. I am physically stronger and feel better about the way I look! The Fit3 program and products have lessened my food cravings, making it easier to make healthier choices than I used to. I used to wake up thinking about food and would immediately find something to snack on, but that is no longer an issue! I have also started exercising which I hadn’t done in years! It feels great to be more active and able to do things with more ease and not get tired as quickly.”

Fit3 results

Jan Mengel

“Fit3 has taken my Reliv journey to a new level. What began 4 years ago as a desire for wellness and nutrition, has become so much more! It’s not only the 40 pounds and 26 inches I’ve lost but the freedom I’ve gained. My new core strength allows me to stand tall and walk with confidence! Fit3 tools provide redirection when I go off track. And the example I set for my son and his family as we enjoy new opportunities together is priceless!”

Fit3 results

Fit3 results reach your health goals

Paula Frakes

“I have really enjoyed Fit3. I have lost 11 pounds and feel I have learned how to better live an overall healthier lifestyle. I know that what I have learned in Fit3 and the products that I will have greater success reaching my life-long health goals.”

Fit3 results

Debbi's Fit3 Results

Debbi Grenz

“In August of 2016 I ‘woke up’ and came to the realization that I needed to make a change if I wanted to be around to raise my 6 children, ages 5-14. With the help of Reliv products and making better food choices, I started losing weight! By February 2017, when the Fit3 program was released, I had lost 35 pounds.

With Fit3 I lost another 21 lbs! Bringing my total weight loss to 57lbs!! I have also lost a total of 35 inches and 4 jean sizes! I have surpassed my original goal and I am now working on my new goal. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will reach my weight loss goal with Fit3. My greatest success is changing my lifestyle to Get Fit, Feel Fit and Stay Fit! Thank You Reliv and Fit3!”

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