GlucAffect blood sugar management

A Health Crisis

We face a health epidemic. Increasingly sedentary lifestyles and a modern diet high in calories, refined sugars, and saturated and trans fats have left millions of people at risk of obesity and elevated blood sugar.

But you have an ally in the wellness war. Patented GlucAffect® is a groundbreaking nutritional approach to blood sugar management. A delicious cinnamon cream flavor and rapid dissolvability make GlucAffect the perfect addition to your morning coffee, afternoon tea or one of your daily Reliv shakes. Don’t become another statistic. Get in control with GlucAffect.

GlucAffect Clinically Proven

In an eight-week, placebo-controlled clinical study of 50 overweight individuals with elevated blood glucose levels, test subjects taking four daily servings of GlucAffect lowered their fasting blood glucose levels to healthy blood sugar values and lost an average of almost 16 pounds.

Nutrition Breakthrough

GlucAffect’s revolutionary formula brings together cutting-edge blood sugar management ingredients for the first time ever. And now this patented formula has added the cholesterol-lowering power of Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich™ soy powder. Ingredients have been formulated to work together for maximum results using amounts proven effective in clinical studies.

$80.00 – 45 Servings
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Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich® soy powderYou’ve found a nutritional breakthrough — scientifically designed to maximize soy’s documented health benefits, including cholesterol reduction.
A U.S. PatentThere’s only one GlucAffect.
A combination of cutting-edge nutrients brought together for the first timeIt delivers ingredients selected using amounts proven effective in clinical studies and formulated to work together for maximum results in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
An eight-week, placebo-controlled clinical study supporting overall product effectivenessIt’s proven! As part of a regimen of healthy diet and exercise, test subjects taking four servings daily of GlucAffect significantly lowered blood fasting glucose and experienced substantial weight loss.
Pycnogenol®You receive the benefits of a natural super-antioxidant, proven to help lower blood glucose levels, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and blood pressure and improve overall health.
Omega 3 Fatty AcidIt promotes cardiovascular health and helps maintain optimum blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
CinnamonSpice shown in studies to combat insulin resistance and improve hemoglobin levels in people with type 2 diabetes.
Madeglucyl™, Glucohelp™, Silbinol®, salacia extract, alpha lipoic acid and moreIt contains many advanced ingredients clinically proven to support blood sugar management and neutralize free radicals.
Rapid dissolvabilityIt’s a perfect addition to your morning coffee, afternoon tea or one of your daily Reliv shakes.
Reliv Customer Money Back Customer Guarantee
Gluten free
Halal Certified
Kosher certified

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