Reliv Kids Core Nutrition Pack


Kids’ Core Nutrition

Scoop. Shake. Enjoy!

Save $8 with the Now® for Kids’ Core Nutrition Pack! Your kids now have the daily core nutrition duo uniquely designed for their activity level.


  • One can of vanilla Now for Kids 1
  • One can of Now for Kids – choose vanilla or chocolate

Kids can start their day with Now® for Kids 1 and drink Now® for Kids before or after their high-energy activities. Both shakes provide essential vitamins and minerals they need like antioxidants, magnesium, omega 3, and Vitamin D. Now® for Kids blends carbohydrates with protein to fuel their high-energy activities or help them recover after. Both are easy, convenient and support your child’s health – just scoop, shake and share.

  • Complementary formulas support kids’ immune system, growth and brain development
  • Formulas based on your child’s activity level
  • Both feature DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid to support brain development and mental performance and enhanced with LunaRich®

Kids love the taste! “It tastes like ice cream!” – Grace B.

Ideal for children ages 2–12.

Product Brochure (pdf)

Give Back: With your purchase of any can of Now for Kids, a portion of the sale will go to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation and nourish a child in need for one week.

Give Them the Best – Kids’ Core Nutrition Pack

Compare Reliv Now for Kids products to the most popular children’s multivitamin pills. Notice anything different? Reliv Now for Kids products are a powdered supplement that delivers nutrients in a liquid shake rather than a pill, enabling quicker, more complete absorption.

Next, look at the label. Cutting-edge nutrients make Reliv Now for Kids products the superior children’s supplement. A special proprietary blend of advanced ingredients is designed to boost kids’ energy, growth, and mental performance.

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