At Reliv, we take nutrition science seriously. Our scientists combine advanced research, leading-edge manufacturing and laboratory technologies, and rigorous testing to create advanced nutrition with uniquely effective formulas. This commitment to quality and innovation permeates everything we do and has produced partnerships with some of the most respected leaders and organizations in the nutrition science field.

As a result, the number of scientific studies of our products continues to grow, we now have a seat on the board of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and we have received strong endorsements of Reliv from thought leaders throughout the nutritional world. Our goal is to continue to push the envelope in new and exciting ways and more actively seek out undiscovered possibilities for advanced nutritional solutions. This approach enables every Reliv product to provide much more than the individual nutrients listed on the label — Reliv delivers results.

Reliv Advanced Nutrition

The Science of Reliv

Reliv’s foundational scientific philosophy — the Reliv Difference is about taking complicated scientific subjects like bioavailability and synergism and making nutrition simple. From the unmatched formulas of our core products Reliv Classic and Reliv Now, to our revolutionary approach to blood sugar management with GlucAffect and now a solution for the fatigue cycle with 24K — my team and I are focused on developing products that bring the latest nutritional research to you.

We’re committed to the science behind the Reliv Difference.

So leave the science to us, and rest easy knowing you can rely on the Reliv products.

To your health,
Reliv Vice Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl W. Hastings