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Supporting your immune system has never been more important. Don’t lose sleep – instead arm yourself with Reliv Defense – the immunity supporting supplement with the Protect Complex.

  • Adaptogens help combat immune stressors and heighten resistance.
  • 2 sources of beta glucan (yeast and algae) for comprehensive immune support. Wellmune® (yeast beta glucan) makes your immune system smarter and puts immune cells on high alert to confront pathogens quickly. BetaViaTM Pure is the purest algae-sourced beta-glucan currently on the market. It’s naturally-sourced from a proprietary strain of algae (Euglena gracilis) for immune health benefits, and consists of greater than 95% algae beta-glucans.
  • Reishi mushroom extract, often referred to as “the king of mushrooms,” possesses immense health benefits, such as cell-regeneration and immune system enhancement.
  • Tinofend extract: clinically demonstrated to support immune health associated with histamine effects.
Baker’s yeast beta glucan (Wellmune®)…. . . it functions as an immunomodulator to make your immune system as efficient as possible so it can quickly identify and confront threats.
Beta glucan extract, an algae source…. . . it primes key immune cells to strengthen the body’s immune defenses through antioxidant support and rapid response to pathogens.
Reishi mushroom extract, an adaptogen known as the king of the mushrooms…. . . it combats stress throughout the body and stimulates the immune system through cell regeneration.
Tinofend® extract (tinospora cordiofolia), a proprietary natural spectrum of tinospora used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine…. . . it’s clinically demonstrated to support immune health associated with histamine effects
Two unique sources of beta glucan (yeast and algae)…. . . it offers comprehensive immune support.
Guaranteed quality ingredientsReliv’s in-house operated manufacturing facility, the industry’s top suppliers and an uncompromising quality control program all ensure product purity and potency — guaranteed.
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Gluten free
Halal Certified

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