Reliv International Global Ordering

Click on a country flag below for product information and how to get started with Reliv International in your country. Not all Reliv products in the USA are available worldwide and signup requirements vary by country.

For over a decade now we have been helping people globally, work toward regaining their health and mentoring to those looking for a business opportunity. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals, answer your questions, and guide you in your journey with Reliv! John & Nathalie Curtin, Independent Reliv Distributors

Reliv International can only ship products into countries that they have a legal agreement with. However, if you are not in one of these countries please contact us for more information on how you could receive Reliv products.

World leader in optimal nutrition – the epigenetic superfood company! Reliv International’s cutting-edge formulas deliver optimal nutrient levels in forms that are readily absorbed by the body. Reliv nutrition works with over 30 years of results.

Proven home-based business opportunity. More than 60,000 independent Reliv entrepreneurs in 15 countries own and operate Reliv businesses.

Company built on principle. Reliv is mission-driven to make a real difference in the world by offering individuals the chance to make a difference themselves.

No matter what you choose  — as a customer, part-time Distributor or career business builder — becoming part of Reliv International will improve your life today and pay even bigger dividends tomorrow. We are mission-driven to make sure of that.