When our bodies sense a threat, our natural defense is to respond with inflammation. There are many factors that can contribute to chronic inflammation including stress, toxins, genetic predisposition, lack of exercise and diet. Chronic internal inflammation can lead to serious health issues. Cutting-edge Reliv products provide a powerful nutritional approach to combat both short and long-term effects of inflammation.

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LunaRich X ™

Lunasin works to protect cells by reducing the negative effects of oxidative stress and by regulating the body’s inflammatory response. In this way, lunasin reduces inflammation and can offer long-term cell protection when consumed regularly.

Researchers have established that lunasin is a potent inhibitor of the master inflammatory protein NF-ĸ-β. Because NF-ĸ-β is found in almost all human cell types (blood, skin, organ, muscle, neurons, etc.), it plays a key role in regulating the inflammatory response associated with many health conditions and the aging process in general.

With LunaRich X™ we have the purest and most bioavailable lunasin on the market.

LunaRich X the first epigenetic superfood. LunaRich Products


Patented Arthaffect combines the best traditional Eastern herbal therapies with cutting-edge nutrients. A proprietary blend of powerful herbs including boswellin, ashwagandha and borage oil, works to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Greater comfort means you can continue to move freely.

Reliv Products - Patented Arthaffect for joint health - Targeted Nutrition

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